Parenting is such an awesome task. It begins with great joy when you realise that God has been pleased to use you to bring a human being into this world. Before long, it dawns on…

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“Ama Puritans!” is a very common phrase in Zambia. This is especially the case among young people who are new to the Reformed Faith. This often simply refers to individuals who…

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Training for Transition

The best-case scenario for some leadership positions such as pastoral ministry would be for leaders to stay in their roles indefinitely. There are benefits to longevity in one…

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Paul The Leper – Zambia’s First Baptist Preacher

I am often saddened at the realisation that we Zambian Baptists know so little of our own spiritual history. As I have recently studied this history I have been amazed at its…

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Editorial: Arminianism, Calvinism and Hyper-Calvinism

In fact, most often, when people are fighting against a Calvinism that does not believe in evangelism they are actually fighting Hyper- Calvinism. They just don’t know…

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