Children As Worshipers

Children are often viewed as sweet little animate toys given to gratify our quest for entertainment. In many ways, they are. But they are more than that. They are humans. Hundred…

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What Would Today’s Puritans Look Like?

Providence has from time to time responded to moral spiritual decay by raising a movement to reverse the tide. In the first century there was a movement called “The Way” (Acts…

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The Practicalities of Leadership Transitions

Among transitioning mortals, need for change of leadership is inevitable. Promotion, realignment, relocation, demotion, resignation, dismissal, incapacitation, or death may…

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Preaching and Worship

What is the place of preaching in worship? Preaching holds centre stage in public worship. It is the focal point. Being central, it becomes regulatory of all other elements of…

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Theological Identity

Philosophically defined, Arminianism is the humanistic extreme of Calvinism. Hyper-Calvinism is the fatalistic extreme of Calvinism.

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A Christian Worldview

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The fruit of Sabbath observance

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