WHY IAM A BAPTIST (Edited by Tom Nettles, 257 pages)

This book comprises 26 chapters, each contributed by an eminent Baptist from around the world. They all write about the triumphs of grace in the their lives. The question one may ask is, why is it titled Why I Am A Baptist? Are we to understand that to be Christians you must be Baptist? This book seeks to highlight the distinct beliefs of Baptists, the things they highly value. Each chapter has its own title in line with how the Lord dealt with that particular person and their aspirations in life having had the great transaction of the soul worked out in their hearts.

The book is divided into nine parts as follows: Opening thoughts, thoughts from the past, thoughts from the Baptist leadership, thoughts from the pastor’s study , thoughts from across the seas, thoughts from the family room, thoughts from the professor’s lectern, thoughts from evangelical leaders, and the concluding thoughts .This book is a kaleidoscope of God’s grace in various people and it is a wonderful book under the category of theology. I commend it to all Christians with an eagle’s eye for the truth and those with eagle’s wings for the gospel.

An All-Round Ministry (by C.H. Spurgeon, 396 pages)

 The name Charles Haddon Spurgeon is simply fragrance to the ears and hearts of Christians all over the world . In the Guiness Book of Records, Spurgeon stands out as the most loved and widely read Christian author of all time. Coming from a flourishing country pastorate to pastor a big church in London, Spurgeon was mightily used of  God to preach to thousands of people relentlessly with passion and compassion for the unsaved. He was immensely gifted with a pen of a skilled writer to weave ordinary lives of people by giving them light from heaven.

In An All-Round Ministry Spurgeon instructs many young aspiring preachers in a stimulating and challenging way. In this book he writes, among other things, about faith, individuality, how to meet the evils of the age, a new departure, strength in weakness, etc. He also writes about the evils of the present time, the preacher’s power and the conditions of obtaining it, etc. In this book , you will be exposed to full biblical expositions, wise counsel, practical sanity and warm exhortation which also sparkle with a delightful wit. It is a book which Christian Ministers and leaders will return again and again for redirection, wisdom and encouragement.

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