In Reformation Zambia, we often deal with issues that challenge pastors and church leaders to build better churches. So, although we want all Christians to buy copies of this magazine, our primary targets are pastors and church leaders. Having said that, this issue is an exception because of the nature of its theme. Assurance of salvation is hardly an issue that pastors and church leaders will be wrestling with, but young Christians often suffer such fainting fits and need to be helped. So, this issue of Reformation Zambia is particularly suited to all Christians, and especially to young Christians. If you know anyone who became a Christian recently, buy them a copy. They will live to thank you for the gesture when Satan tempts them to despair.

I well remember preaching during an evangelistic campaign at the University of Zambia some twenty years ago. A young lady came to me afterwards and said she had answered altar call after altar call but was still doubting if she was a Christian. She said that each time she heard the gospel being preached she wanted to give her life to Christ all over again. I made an appointment with her the following day and we sat by the Goma Lakes. As I counselled with her it soon became clear that she was wrestling with the ugly reality of what the Puritans once called “indwelling sin”. So, I took her to Romans 7 and showed her the true Christian experience. Her face lit up as she identified with Paul. Suddenly, with joy beaming on her face, she hugged me and thanked me for bringing her nightmares to an end. For a moment I worried that someone seeing the hug may have concluded that I was visiting a girlfriend at UNZA!

She is not the only one. Many Christians have been held in Doubting Castle by Giant Despair. And what a miserable state to be in! They are too saved to remain in and enjoy sin, but they are also too doubtful of their state of grace to enjoy their salvation. They will gladly give up their life’s earnings to come out of this state. Well, they do not need to give up any such amounts. If you know anyone in such a state, get them a copy of this magazine and let them read it. Then meet with them afterwards to hear how they have applied its contents to their lives.

Having read the articles myself, I would venture to say that the authors have handled their subjects with sensitivity. These men are true physicians of souls. They have not only been keen to assure true Christians that they are saved, but they have also been keen to expose those who are basing their salvation on the wrong premise so that they can come to Christ and be truly saved. Like good surgeons, their scalpels have not cut in wrong places. So, you can commend this issue to anyone—saved or unsaved—and you can be sure that their souls will be truly blessed. I feel very honoured to be a part of such a publication, knowing that its fruit will be eternal.