Pastor Curtis Chirwa and Pastor German Banda, welcome to Reformation Zambia. Beginning with you, Pastor Chirwa, how many vernacular Reformed Baptist churches have been planted in Lusaka and which churches and missionaries are involved in these church plants?

Even though we have more than 40 compounds in Lusaka, we only have four  (4) Reformed Baptist churches in these areas. We have a Reformed Baptist church in Ng’ombe compound. It is called Chiyanjano Baptist Church and Clement Kaunda is the missionary there. Lusaka Baptist Church is the one planting this work.  We also have Kabanana Faith Baptist Church in Kabanana Site and Service being planted by Kabwata Baptist Church and Curtis Chirwa is the missionary working there. Another Reformed Baptist church is in John Laing. It is called John Laing Reformed Baptist Church being planted by Kabwata Baptist Church and the missionary on the ground there is Pastor Germany Banda. The last one is Chisomo Baptist Church of Matero Township. This church is an independent work now. It was planted by Kabwata Baptist Church and Pastor Lichawa Thole is the pastor of the church.

Describe the progress each church has made, and are there plans to see more Reformed Baptist churches planted in these compounds.

Although progress differs from one church to the other, we can safely say that each church is making progress in its own way. Three out of the four churches mentioned have so far made positive strides where growth is concerned. However, all the four Reformed Baptist churches in the compounds have plans to begin planting churches in their areas. They all affirm that the harvest is plentiful in the compounds but the labourers are few. I mentioned in my last answer that there are over 40 compounds in Lusaka and some more are coming up. I can confidently mention here that each of these Reformed Baptist churches have already identified one or two areas where they would like to begin a church plant. All they need is partnerships due to financial constraints.

Church planting comes with its own challenges, and Pastor Chirwa has hinted on some of these. Pastor Banda, with all the challenges that come with church planting, why should we still bother to plant Reformed Baptist churches in the compounds of Lusaka and of other Zambian cities?

We must continue to plant Reformed Baptist churches because it is the only way we can refute the error that has spread in the compounds. The faithful proclamation of the gospel is a remedy to these false teachings. I have a personal experience with this here in John Laing. This year we started open air preaching as a church. We have had people come to confirm that what we preach is a true gospel. “You preach a true gospel in the sense that you focus on Christ and not on money,” many have said. They have encouraged us to continue with the open air preaching ministry. My conviction is that many more Reformed Baptist churches will help refute the many false teachers.

The Lusaka Ministerial College (LMC) targets the compounds of Lusaka in its effort to train pastors. What difference, if any, is this making in the compounds where you minister?

For those from the Charismatic circles who pass through LMC, the influence on their lives cannot be underestimated. A testimony is that many of these men have influenced their churches to an extent where they are nicknamed as Baptist preachers. And yet all that has happened is that they have been helped to be more biblical in their ministries. This is a sign that the college has made an impact on the way these men preach. There is no doubt that the college is making a contribution to the fulfilling of the Great Commission. Another change is that, some of the brethren themselves who attend LMC confess that they once embraced wrong doctrines.

Thank you pastors. We pray that God will bless your labours!