The Lusaka Ministerial College (LMC) grew out of the Reformed Baptist Preachers College, which was established in 1994 under the Kabwata, Lusaka and Mount Makulu Baptist churches. The classes of the RBPC were initially held at the Lusaka Baptist Church and later moved to Kabwata Baptist Church. The main objective was to train men and lay preachers among the Reformed Baptist churches in expository preaching skills and theology. In 2011, the name was changed to Lusaka Ministerial College when the ministry was handed over to James Williamson, a missionary from the USA, to lead it.

The vision of the college was then broadened to include men from non-Reformed Baptist churches, especially those in the Charismatic and Pentecostal churches. The goal was to teach students the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was to impart in them sound teachings so that they can replicate the same in their churches. It was hoped that in this way we would see more biblical, mature and healthy churches in Lusaka. As a result of this change, the college started to operate under the stewardship of the Kabwata Baptist church.

In 2012, James Williamson resigned as principal and Dr Conrad Mbewe, the pastor at Kabwata Baptist Church, assumed the role of principal for the college. Dr Mbewe led the college for about seven years and implemented measures that helped to grow the institution. After serving in this role, Dr Mbewe stepped down to concentrate on his new responsibility as director of advancement at the African Christian University (ACU).

In May 2019, at a faculty meeting, Pastor Ronald Kalifungwa was appointed as the new college principal. Our appreciation goes to Dr Mbewe for his sacrificial and selfless efforts in bringing the college to where it is. We pray that the new principal will be equal to the task and will will lead the college even to greater heights. Please pray for the college.

Benson Nkausu

Lusaka Ministerial College Coordinator


Shalom Baptist Church was officially launched on the July 7, 2019, in Kasama. Door to door evangelism was undertaken on the eve of the launch of the church. A number of church congregants together with visitors from Kabwata Baptist Church got involved in this evangelistic work. Some went to Tazara area, others to New Town, and still others to Mukulumpe and Central Town. The message was that Shalom Baptist Church had been in Kasama for two years and six months and that it was now being formerly launched as a church. People were also invited to come and hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Those who were involved in the door to door work also took time to share the gospel with those who were willing to listen. It was surprising to hear some asking if there would be food at the launch. People had put a price tag on attending church. Some

Shalom Baptist Church in Kasama officially launched

would only come if there was something for them. 

The church received visitors from Kabwata Baptist Church to assist with the launch. This included the missions coordinator, Kapambwe Nsenduluka, the pastor’s ministry assistant, Francis Kaunda, and the church treasurer, Joseph Kakoma. There were seventy-three people in attendance, including ten visitors. Shalom Baptist Church organised a choir that sang two songs. Emmanuel Miti, Mr John Mwansa and Mrs Miti testified of how they came to know about Shalom Baptist Church. The launch service highlight was the testimony from Mr Mwansa, who spoke of how he first got to hear of this church through flyers that stated “Getting back to the Holy Scriptures”. He ignored the invitation on the flyer, saying to himself that it was one of those new churches with a hidden agenda. Finally, through God’s providence, he came to one of the church services. He testified that the preaching of God’s word on that Sunday was something that he had never heard before. From that moment, he realised that this was a place where he was supposed to be. He has been with the church now for one year and two months. 

I then had an opportunity to share the history of Shalom Baptist Church. I stated that we began from one person in attendance on the first Sunday of February 12, 2017, to thirty to sixty in total currently in attendance in two different services. The church has had difficulties. Some people, despite hearing the gospel for two years, were still not converted and yet they were still expecting the church to treat them as members. Despite this challenge, the church has had the joy of seeing nine people converted and baptised.

Later during the service, brother Kapambwe Nsenduluka preached on the theme of “The Church of the Living God” from 1 Timothy 3:14–16. He explained what the church was and what it was not. He emphasised that the church was a household of God and that the people in the church should conduct themselves in a way that was pleasing to God. He pointed out that the only way one can become part of this church was by being born again—not by good works such as baptism. He also encouraged everyone to know that we are a family having the same heavenly Father. As a family, each one of us had a role in the church and that we were to look out for each other. This message has remained in the hearts of the people at Shalom Baptist Church. We pray that God will enable us by his grace and mercy to be a church that will be pleasing to him.

The launch ended with a light lunch for everyone. The main purpose for this lunch was to have fellowship and to get to know our visitors. Unfortunately, after the launch of the church, we have seen a decrease in attendance, and some people literally not attending at all. Pray for us to continue following up and encouraging them. We thank God that the new members have been consistent in attending church services. This is so encouraging for a new church that has a membership of only fifteen people. We praise and glorify God for this.

As a church, we would like to embark on building the sanctuary. Your prayers will be highly appreciated. Since we now have a membership, pray that we will focus on spiritual growth and reaching out to the community with the gospel. We want to raise up the banner of Jesus Christ in Kasama.

Joshua Lungu

Missionary Pastor, Kasama