Pastors Kalifungwa and Hakanyanga stand by as Mr Ng’andwe lays hands and prays for Pastor Sakala

Emmanuel Sakala moved to pastor Fairview Reformed Baptist Church (FRBC) in Mufulira in the month of September 2009. He moved from Berean Reformed Baptist Church (BRBC) of Chililabombwe, where he worked as a missionary pastor. This is a neighbouring town located in the eastern side of the Copperbelt and is about 90km away from the town of Mufulira.

Pastor Sakala answered the call to plant BRBC in Chililabombwe in 2003. This was when Central Baptist Church of Chingola (CBCC), pastored by Choolwe Mwetwa, extended an invitation to them to take up the challenge of establishing a Reformed Baptist Church in that town.

At FRBC, he took over from Pastor Kapambwe Nsenduluka, who has since relocated to Namibia as a missionary pastor at Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Windhoek. Pastor Nsenduluka served as pastor at FRBC for at least three years in a caretaker capacity while the church was looking for a pastor.

After almost seven months, on 27th of March this year, Pastor Sakala was officially inducted as the fourth pastor for FRBC. The induction was conducted by the church elder, Mufulo Ngan’dwe of FRBC. Pastors Ronald Kalifungwa of Lusaka Baptist Church and Modester Hakanyanga of Central Baptist Church in Luanshya were also present to witness the occasion.

Pastor Kalifungwa preached from Jonah 3:1–5 where he brought out seven charges given by God to Jonah. The same charges were solemnly laid before the ordained pastor and included the following; the charge to preach, to preach expositional sermons, to preach against sin, to preach judgment, to preach God, to preach what he personally knew by experience, and to preach Christ. Pastor Kalifungwa concluded his message by equally laying similar charges on the congregation. In attendance were brethren from sister churches within the Copperbelt and from other churches.

FRBC was established in the mid 1980’s by a missionary pastor called Jan Kamminga, who had come into town under the auspices of the Zambia Baptist Association (ZBA). When Pastor Kamminga came to town he joined hands with local Christians to establish this church, and this group of local individuals included Emmanuel himself. At that time he was working for an international men’s clothing company that had retail outlets across the Copperbelt, including the town of Mufulira. In a way, therefore, he has just returned to a church that he once participated in establishing. Other men that have served at FRBC as pastors are Ronald Kalifungwa, Brian Njobvu, and, as mentioned above, Kapambwe Nsenduluka. 



The 9th Annual Vernacular Reformed Family Conference in Lusaka province, was hosted this year by Chiyanjano Baptist Church, a church-plant of Lusaka Baptist Church. This church is located in one of the unplanned residential areas of Lusaka called Ngombe. The venue of this conference was the newly built Ngombe Basic School. The conference ran from the evening of Thursday 1st to 5th April 2010. 

The Ministry of the Word

The ministry of the word of God was blessed by our Almighty God. He faithfully ministered to us by his men and women made of clay through the power of the Holy Spirit. The conference attendees were divided into three groups—men, women, and youths. The ministry presented to the men was handled by Pastor Lichawa Thole, who was actually our main speaker. He dealt with the subject, “The Biblical Doctrine of Personal, Domestic and Church Reformation.” Solomon Ngoma and Dube Baleni handled seminars on “Watching your Life and Doctrine” and “Domestic Reformation and Competence,” respectively, showing that men have been given the responsibility by God to raise their families in a God-prescribed way and that men are, therefore, answerable to God.

Pastor Thole of Chisomo Baptist Church preaching at the conference

The ladies had two speakers as well, Elitina Daka and Agnes Ngoma. These speakers also competently handled their presentations. Mrs Daka taught on the theme “Qualities of measuring the levels of maturity in a Christian as an Individual, at home and church,” while Mrs Ngoma handled the subject entitled “A woman as a helper of her husband,” from Genesis 2:18–25.

The youth and younger children also had their share of the Word. Their seminars were handled by Emmanuel Chita Bantubonse. Emmanuel made presentations on the theme “Christ our Wisdom” from 1 Corinthians 1:17–31. He broke it into the following sub-headings: i) Wisdom in man; ii) Christ the source of true wisdom; and iii) The Christian as a wise man. 


The attendance, though not very encouraging—this being our 9th conference—was indeed still a step forward. Continue to pray for us that the conference should attract more attendees. 

Challenges and prayer requests

The biggest challenge that our vernacular churches face is a lack of finances. We are always caught up in a situation where pledges are not honoured. Most of our church members tend to fail to raise conference fees and hence many of them fail to turn up. Pray that:

  1. Our churches will learn to raise their own user fees.
  2. Our next conference, being our 10th anniversary, will be better than our previous years.
  3. The Lord will continue to bless the ministry of his Word at these conferences.

Collins Dube Baleni

John Laing Reformed Baptist Church, Lusaka


The parson’s diet, which started 15 years ago, resumed its meetings this year. This was after a break for almost four years. This meeting was, therefore, the eleventh in the life of the Diet. Although the notice was short the meeting saw a number of pastors in attendance from four provinces; namely, Lusaka, Central, Northern and the Copperbelt. The meeting took place from Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th March at the Zambia Baptist Association retreat centre in Munsenga, Chingola.

The theme was on preaching from various books of the Old Testament. The books covered The Minor Prophets, Proverbs, and The Song of Solomon.

The opening devotional was delivered by Emmanuel Sakala, pastor of Fairview Reformed Baptist Church in Mufulira. He surely set the pastors in tune for the Diet when he preached from Matthew 4:1–4, where he encouraged the pastors to acknowledge the sufficiency of the Scriptures. He pointed out that the Scriptures are adequate to sustain us spiritually and so must be taken daily, as we do our daily bread.

“Preaching from the Minor Prophets” was handled by Isaac Makashinyi, pastor of Emmasdale Baptist Church, Lusaka. He gave the principles which help ministers to interpret the message in the Minor Prophets appropriately. He also showed us why preaching from Minor Prophets is widely neglected. It was indeed a balanced spiritual diet.

Pastors attending the 2010 Parsons’ Diet

The next session was handled by the Lusaka Baptist Church pastor, Ronald Kalifungwa. He presented three important points about “Preaching in the book of Proverbs.” He showed the literal observation which pastors need to take note of and then gave very helpful hermeneutical principles to be observed when preaching from the book. Pastor Kalifungwa also showed a few homiletical approaches to get the most out of preaching from Proverbs.

Lastly, Conrad Mbewe, pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church, handled the topic “Preaching from The Song of Solomon.” This time the pastors were cautioned on how they should be very careful in drawing interpretations from the Song of Solomon. He mentioned that pastors should avoid allegorical interpretations of the book, as this would lead them to wrong conclusions.

Pastor Mbewe then emphasised that it would be much more helpful to first appreciate the whole Song of Solomon as a love poem, then draw principles about love from the section of the poem you are preaching from, before applying those principles to the love relationship between Christ and the church.

The meeting came to an end on Wednesday 24th March. Pastor Lawrence Lama of Bethel Baptist Church in Kabwe, concluded the Diet with a devotional talk, while Pastor Choolwe Mweetwa of Chingola Central Baptist Church—the host church—gave the closing remarks.

No doubt the pastors benefited from the ministry of all the men of God who shared at the parson’s diet. For those of my fellow pastors who missed this year’s diet make sure you do not miss it next year! 

Curtis Chirwa

Faith Baptist Church, Kabanana, Lusaka



Graduates, church representatives and lecturers of Covenant College

23RD February, 2010, marked the 1st day of the 1st term at Covenant College in Petauke. It was a day when the college graduates, current students, and their church representatives converged at the college to witness the 2010 opening day.

Others who witnessed this day were John and Meike Beeke of the Heritage Reformed Congregation in Canada, and Seke Lupunga and Chipita Sibale from Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka. Covenant College is run by the Covenant College Zambia Trust through a management team comprising Cees Molenaar (Principal), Henrich Zwemstra (Vice Principle), Phil Bailey (Farm Ministry), and Marjana Hendriksen (Christian Education Ministry).

The objectives of the Trust, among others, are:

  1. To advance the work of the Trust in terms of its professed aims and beliefs namely, the Westminister Confession of Faith, the Three Forms of Unity, the 1689 Baptist Confession and the Thirty-Nine Articles.
  2. To advance the work of the farm and school’s ministries.

As can be seen from the above objectives, there are three ministries at the college, namely Pastoral Training, Farming, and Education.

The college has a deliberate policy to maintain contact with its graduates and to create a relationship with the churches whose members are training at the college, hence the invitation of the graduates and church representatives. The activities of the day included exhortations from John Beeke and Seke Lupunga, and a teaching on the Holy Spirit Henrich Zwemstra. During the event, Cees Molenaar’s participation was low because he had malaria!

The day ended with all present having lunch together. It was a memorable day and well spent. As a former graduate of the college, I look forward to another day when I shall mix with men of God. The day was edifying indeed. 

Lovemore Banda

Petauke Grace Reformed Baptist Church