Austin Walker lecturing to the Copperbelt Ministerial College students

Finally the dream of having a church-based Reformed Baptist Ministerial College on the Copperbelt was realised last July from the 23rd to 27th when 21 men assembled to sit under the instruction of able and proven men in ministry.

The Copperbelt Ministerial College is a joint ministry of the Reformed Baptist churches on the Copperbelt. In the providence of God, the college has entered into partnership with churches of like-mind in the USA to supply proven men in ministry as part of the teaching faculty. The courses are designed to be taught by Reformed Baptist men who are presently serving as pastors/elders of local church abroad and within Zambia.

The college exists for the specific purpose of helping to equip men who “desire the office of an overseer” (1 Tim 3:1), and have the support and approval of their local churches. During the course of their training, these men are to be under the mentoring care of a man actively engaged in the pastoral ministry.

The training follows the format of a one-week module in which two courses are taught consisting of 12–15 lectures each. The curriculum is divided under four major aspects of study namely: Exegetical Theology; Systematic Theology; Historical Theology; and Practical Theology. The subjects covered are intended to expose the student to the essential teachings of the Scriptures in each discipline of theological study. The curriculum is designed after the Grand Rapids Reformed Baptist Theological Seminary which is the equivalent of a Masters of Divinity [MDiv.].

In July, the first two courses were taught namely, Historical Theology [History of the Reformation] by Austin Walker from the UK and Practical/Pastoral Theology 1: [Introduction to Pastoral Theology] by Jim Savastio from the USA. We had sixteen men registered as students and five where simply auditing the course. The general impression of the men who attended the course was that this was a timely ministry. The depth, clarity and relevancy of teaching coupled with the experience of the lecturers were simply heart-warming and very instructive. One of the students commented, “For the first time I have appreciated the relevance of studying historical theology. It has helped me understand why such men as Martin Luther fearlessly stood their ground, ready to die for their convictions on the authority of the Word of God. Lamentably, this spirit is rare among us today!”

It is our earnest prayer that God uses this college to prepare solid, zealous labourers in the gospel who will make disciples and plant local churches both here in Zambia and throughout other parts of the continent.

The second module is in November and two courses will be taught, namely:

(a) Pastoral Theology 5: Pastoral Visitation and Counselling—by Ronald Kalifungwa.

This course will examine the work of the pastor among his people in his role as overseer of individual souls. The importance and content of pastoral visitation will be presented, as well as the biblical principles of and method for counselling in particular situations. Instruction shall be given also on handling special events such as weddings, funerals, etc, of church members.

(b) Historical Theology: History of Christianity in Africa—by Conrad Mbewe.

Beginning with a brief survey of the history of the work of God in Africa, this course will cover the spread of Christianity into Southern Africa, leading to the evangelisation of Zambia. Also included will be a survey of the development of the work of Baptists and Reformed Baptists in Zambia.

Registration for the first year closes during the second module in November, for details please contact the secretariat at 096 6 909434 / 02 212965 or 095 5 769140 / 02 680213.

Kabwe Kabwe


This year’s Antioch Youth Conference took place on 2nd and 3rd July 2007 at Evelyn Hone College. This conference is hosted annually by the Senior Youth ministry of Kabwata Baptist Church and the purpose of this conference is to minister to both Christian and non-Christian young adults. The aim of having the conference at Evelyn Hone College this year was to minister to the students. Over 800 invitations were distributed to the students. However, very few of them responded positively to this invitation. Despite this low attendance by the students, we are still thankful to the Lord for the young adults who came from other churches that were invited. Most of these were from within Lusaka, Chilanga and Kafue. The attendance was 147 on the first day. Due to bad weather the number dropped to 122 on the next day. It was extremely cold! The churches in attendance apart from the hosts were; St Andrews—United Church of Zambia, Trinity—United Church of Zambia, Mount Makulu Baptist Church, Evangel Baptist Church, John Laing Reformed Baptist Church, Kafue Reformed Baptist Church and Libala Baptist Church.

Jonathan Holdt with the Antioch Conference youths

The theme of the conference was “Don’t waste your life”. The main preacher for this conference was Jonathan Holdt, pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Pretoria, South Africa. The other preacher was Logan Nyasulu (a pastor in the making!) of Kabwata Baptist Church. Pastor Holdt preached a total of four sessions. The first sermon was entitled “Don’t waste your time,” showing how young adults can waste their lives in the way they use their time. The second was “Don’t waste your treasure,” in which he preached about the need to store up treasure in heaven instead of earth. He said there was nothing wrong with having earthly possessions but it was wrong to put our confidence in them.

Brother Logan handled a seminar on “How you can waste your life in dating, courtship and marriage”. He later preached from Luke 15:11–31 on the parable of the Prodigal Son. Though the main lesson of this parable is that God welcomes sinners, it also illustrates how you can waste your life through reckless living.

On the second day of the conference Pastor Holdt handled “Don’t waste your tongue”, based on James 3:2. The tongue has tremendous potential to either destroy or build and therefore the need to control it by the grace of God. Pastor Holdt later handled the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14–30), showing the fact that God will hold us accountable for the way we live and use his resources. Brother Logan preached on the parable of the rich fool (Luke 12:13–21), pointing out the fact that the rich fool wasted his life by focusing on the temporal things that he had and forgot about spiritual and eternal things. The last session of the conference was a question-and-answer session. This was ably handled by our two preachers and Mrs Tina Nyirenda. All sorts of questions were asked and so this session could have gone on if it had not been for time constraints!

All in all, it was a glorious conference. May the Lord help each and every young adult who was present to apply what they heard to their lives. The message is loud and clear; “a life without God is a total waste”! True and meaningful living is only found in God through faith in his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. If you would like to purchase the sermons, please email us on

Jonathan Tembo