Evangel Baptist Church Clocks Twenty Years


The twentieth anniversary celebrations of the establishment of Evangel Baptist Church (EBC) took place over the weekend of July. It was a time for reflection, adoration, and appreciation for what God had done and continues to do for the saints at EBC and across the nation of Zambia.

The first service of EBC was on December 31, 1995, and the then pastor of Lusaka Baptist Church (LBC), Alfred G Nyirenda, preached on the theme, “Watch and Pray”. As Friday Nyambe emphasised during the anniversary celebrations, the work of establishing the church was as a result of people working together for the glory of the name of the Lord.

During the celebrations held to mark this event, the older members of the church reflected on how they rallied together for the one purpose of extending God’s work in the Nyumba Yanga area. They prayed together, they edified one another, and they looked out for the needs of others. The reminiscing was moving and nostalgic.


Dr Grave Singogo was the first pastor called by LBC to pastor the church. He worked with Charles Chilemu and Richard Ngwisha as elders and Chrispin Makondo and Roy Kaonga as deacons. Richard is now a pastor in Dubai and he was the preacher during the anniversary celebrations. Pastor Ngwisha encouraged members of EBC to be true to the word. He said that each one who was now a member had an opportunity to examine themselves and to see that they did not fail the test. He encouraged the people saying that this was time for adoration too because everyone had infirmities that could very easily lead them to destruction. Only Christ sustains us! He said that the anniversary celebrations were also a time for the church to appreciate all the members who played a role in the establishment of EBC. All they did was for the glory of God’s name.

One major lesson learned from the celebrations was that the work of outreach is spiritual and, hence, prone to attacks. LBC had two notable efforts in the 1980s and 1990s to start this work. In one instance, the outreach did not succeed because the leadership that was put in place shifted their doctrinal position from that of LBC. The LBC elders, Steven Tembo and Silvester Hibajene, and deacon Davies Mendamenda saw to it that the vision of LBC was still realised in the establishment of EBC. The church continues to pray that they will true to their confession of faith as set out in the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, which is the confession of faith of the planting church.

—Wilson Tembo

Evangel Baptist Church, Lusaka



2015 Southern Province Reformed Conference


Every year we are reminded of God’s goodness at the Southern Province Reformed conference. We usually have participants from all Reformed Baptist churches in the Southern Province. At present we have churches in Mazabuka, Monze, Choma and Livingstone. It was also a joy to see some representatives from the newly opened Hope Reformed Baptist Church in Kalomo. Our hosts this year were Trinity Baptist Church in Livingstone, the home of the great Victoria Falls. Music in worship also had an appetising theme.

The conference began on the evening of July 5 and ended on the evening of July 6. This wonderful gathering attracted about 150 people. The speaker, Pastor Emmanuel Sakala, took us through the theology of worship. He showed us, especially from the Old Testament, that before we begin to talk about music in our worship, we must first consider the object of our worship. We must perceive what the Scriptures say about God. When we understand what the Bible means when it says, “You shall have no other gods before me,” we are on the path to true worship. Music will only come in to spice up what has been cooked in our hearts.

Apart from the wonderful messages that came through the preaching of the word, there was sweet fellowship. This is not only in the interactions among the participants but also in the singing. I am not being dogmatic.  I believe we Reformed Baptists sing well and it is food for the soul. It was a joy to see and hear ten year olds sing hymns like thirty year olds. Small music groups also made the moments even livelier. The giftedness of these young musicians leaves you wondering what singing will be like ten years from now.

One of the other activities that made this conference a moment to remember was the question and answer session. Usually there is a one hour period were those in attendance ask questions in line with the theme and preaching. When the questions are being answered it helps to clarify issues. At least no one was left guessing what the applications of the messages were.

Next year we hope to hold the conference in the sweetest town in Zambia—Mazabuka. The Lord willing, the theme will be, “The Role of The Church in the Community.” This is a conference you will not want to miss. If the Lord wills, we will have the Spurgeon of the Copperbelt as our main speaker. If you don’t know who that is, come and find out next year!

—Kwenda Kwenda

Central Baptist Church, Choma



The Birth of Hope Reformed Baptist Church, Kalomo


Finally, we praise the Lord that a Reformed Baptist church has commenced in Kalomo, in the Southern Province of Zambia. Wikipedia states that Kalomo was the first administrative centre of Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) until the capital city was established in Livingstone in 1907. It was later moved to Lusaka. The administrator’s house, built around 1903, is still there and is now a national monument. Kalomo district currently has a population of about 170,000 people. The district has many large commercial farms.

Hope Reformed Baptist Church is being planted by Trinity Baptist Church in Livingstone (126 kilometres south of Kalomo), which is under the oversight of Pastor Michael Bwembya. Brethren from Trinity Baptist Church spent a number of weekends doing blanket visitations to launch the church. Instrumental in the starting of this work was the job transfer of Johnson Malipenga from Choma to Kalomo. He saw this as God’s way of opening a door for the Reformed Faith to be planted in this town. The church started in earnest on Sunday, May 31, 2015, and meets in the conference hall of First Choice Lodge, off Freedom Way Road.


On the day the church was launched, Johnson Malipenga reported, “We had a momentous launch of the Hope Reformed Baptist Church in Kalomo today. Elder Joe Chanda delivered a very clear gospel message as he sought to open up 1 Cor. 2:2. He demonstrated very ably the central message of the Christian Faith, i.e. the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. He underscored our sinful nature and the remedy thereof in the person and work of Jesus Christ. He pointed us to the Saviour, Jesus Christ. Great day it was! We took over the airwaves as Voice of Kalomo Community Radio Station covered the event live! The radio station gave the ‘winds a mighty voice’ indeed. The Lord’s work via a Reformed Baptist church has begun in Kalomo. Thank you for your prayers.”

As part of the church’s efforts to make its presence known in Kalomo they have continued to advertise their meetings and to air their services live on the local radio station. The fruit has been evident. On June 30, a month after the church started, Johnson Malipenga reported, “One man who heard of the ministry of Hope Reformed Baptist Church on Voice of Kalomo Radio came to church on Sunday. He is very excited that God has answered his prayer. He longed for a Bible-believing church, which he has now found in HRBC…Wow! What amazing things await us here! Glory be to God alone and the blessing be ours.”