Church Planting and Church Building Project

Here at Central Baptist Church we are most encouraged with the commencement of a Reformed Baptist Church in Chililabombwe, with Mr Emmanuel Sakala taking up the work under the joint effort of Central Baptists Luanshya and Chingola. The church in Chililabombwe has been offered the building where they are currently meeting for sale. Pray that they may find the finances to purchase the building.

We are also thrilled with the challenge of building the Lord’s sanctuary here at Central Baptist Church.

Choolwe Mwetwa,

Pastor, Central Baptist Church, Chingola

 * * * * * * * * * *


 Pastor Kabwe Kabwe reports that:

  • Arnold Kapambwe is back in the eldership since January 2004. This brings the number of elders to two.
  • The church resumes its church building project in May 2004 aiming to reach roof level in October.
  • The church is looking for a man conversant in Cibemba to oversee the church planting work in Pamodzi/Kawama in Ndola.
  • GRBC in conjunction with Pastor Charles Mwape is overseeing church planting efforts in Lamba land areas covering Ndola Rural, Kafubu Farming Block upto Maposa. These areas currently have no Baptist work.

* * * * * * * * * *

2003 Copperbelt Annual Reformed Baptist Women’s Rally

In 1999 the Ladies Ministry of Fairview Reformed Baptist Church decided to host an all day conference for women of reformed persuasion on the Copperbelt. Little did we know that the conference would become an annual event. It was a day well spent and the idea that the conference becomes an annual event was gladly welcomed by the participants—hence, the birth of the Copperbelt Annual Reformed Baptist Women’s Conference.

Last year’s rally (the fifth) took place on 8th November at Fairview Reformed Baptist Church and attracted eighty-seven women drawn from all the Reformed Baptist Churches on the Copperbelt. Each Church was well represented with the highest number coming from Central Baptist Church in Chingola who sent a bus load of more than thirty women.

The theme of the Conference was “The Sins of the Tongue.” This was ably handled by Pastors Victor Kanyense and Kennedy Sunkutu of Mount Makulu Baptist Church and Kafue Reformed Baptist Church, respectively.

Pastor Sunkutu preached on the sins of the tongue. He further highlighted the effects of the sins of the tongue in a local church.  Pastor Kanyense gave an exposition on dealing with the sins of the tongue.

The theme was carefully selected especially in view of the fact that the women folk with their careless use of the tongue have provided fertile ground for the sins of the tongue to thrive in our local Churches.

The main lessons learnt from the three papers presented were:- One’s use of the tongue is the measure of his religion, i.e. the tongue is your identity card.

  • Like a little flame, the sins of the tongue can cause unmeasured and great danger in our local churches
  • An untamed tongue created barriers among God’s people- hence hinders the progress of God’s work.
  • The sins of the tongue are grievous to the Holy Spirit and they defile God’s people as they breed other deadly sins
  • If a word is to leave the doors of our mouths, it should be tested by the following security guards :- (i) Verity, (ii) Charity, (iii) Necessity, and (iv) Wisdom.

We were exhorted to dealing with these sins by persistent prayer coupled with conscious watchfulness and constant warning of oneself of God’s judgement.

 Namukolo Banda,

Fairview Reformed Baptist Church, Mufulira 

* * * * * * * * * *

2003 Copperbelt Annual Reformed Baptist Youth Rally

In November 2003, one hundred and fifty youths from various Copperbelt towns converged at ZIBSIP College in Kitwe to attend the fourth Copperbelt Annual Reformed Baptist Youth Rally. The theme of the Rally was “The Youth and Cleanliness”. Pastor Choolwe Mwetwa of Chingola’s Central Baptist Church preached on the subject of “Cleanliness and Holiness,” while Pastors Isaac Makashini of Trinity Baptist Church and Brian Njovu of Fairview Reformed Baptist Church preached on the subjects of “Cleanliness and Personal Organisation” and “Personal Hygiene and Outward Appearance,” respectively.

The topics were well handled especially that they were unusual subjects that one would rarely hear preached in a church service. Youths were urged to look after God’s creation which includes them and their surroundings. Pastor Mwetwa sent the youths laughing when he narrated his experience of visiting one youth’s home and found the place so dirty that you were forced to conclude that the person staying there must have shifted over two years ago! All in all, the Rally was time well spent and one looks forward to having more of such times in the coming years.

 Kasango Kayombo,

Trinity Baptist Church, Kitwe

* * * * * * * * * *


 Trinity Baptist Church which for the past few years has been meeting from Nalituwe Basic School finally moved to its own premises in January 2004. The church is meeting from a temporary structure whilst building of a permanent structure takes place. Praise God for this development and pray that the Lord may provide funds to enable the church complete their building.

* * * * * * * * * *


 The Trinity Baptist Church of Kitwe acquired a plot in Nkana East residential area. Pray for the church as they present church building designs to the local authority and mobilise funds to build the church.