The 18th Copperbelt Annual Reformed Baptist Women’s Rally

The 18th Copperbelt Annual Reformed Baptist Women’s Rally was held on the 5th of November 2016 in Mufulira at Fairview Reformed Baptist Church (FRBC). The rally is organised by the Reformed Baptist churches of the Copperbelt Province, and is hosted by rotation by different churches every year. This time around, it was hosted by FRBC and a record of ninety-six (96) women attended. The composition included those from sister churches drawn from the Copperbelt, Kabwe, and Solwezi.

There were also representations from some Christian Brethren assemblies on the Copperbelt. Notable in attendance were two women from Mansa Central Baptist Church in Luapula Province who were attending for the first time. This was a testimony of growth, and is laudable and praiseworthy.

The women’s rally was designed to bring Christian women together across sister churches and beyond. It was designed to promote Christian fellowship and the building of solidarity around the Word of God. Also, paramount to the existence of this rally is the encouragement of women ministry in the local churches.

The theme of the rally was “Women’s Participation in Building a Mature Church” and was precisely providing answers to the core agenda of the women’s rally itself. It was a timely reminder to the women against the onslaught on the church of the gender equality agenda of the world. Unfortunately, today the world is busy advocating a false view of gender equality. This is slowly but surely influencing the church negatively.

It was observed that this “poison” was influencing the church from two fronts; firstly, in churches where women had stopped to participate completely in the various ministries of the church and secondly, where women went to the other extreme of taking over the roles of men and thereby seeking eldership responsibilities in the church. Both vices are especially detrimental to the health of the church of Jesus Christ.

In order to provide answers to and counteract this onslaught on the church, three able speakers drawn from the hosting church where lined up. These were Margaret Sakala, Carol Njobvu, and Gift Zulu.

Mrs Margaret Sakala handled the subject of the “Background to Women Participation in the Church of Christ”. In her address, she was answering the question, “Is there biblical evidence for women to participate in running the church?” Of course, the answer was in the affirmative. There was undeniable biblical evidence for women participation in the running of the church of Jesus Christ. They do not need to hold office titles in order to serve nor do they need to assume male roles. Women can serve wherever duty calls. In whatever state the Lord has called them there is ready work for them to do.

Mrs Carol Njobvu tackled two questions, namely, “What hinders women from participating in ministry?” and “What are the remedies to these hinderances?” Here again the women were made to do self-examination on how much they have “offered their bodies as living sacrifice to the Lord” as this is a requirement to serving the head of the church. Various remedies were pointed out. A book table was on hand to provide good books for ladies that would help them in studying the rally’s theme further.

In the third session, Mrs Gift Zulu sought to come up with workable solutions to a lack of participation among many women. She handled this under the theme “Workable Solutions to Curb Non-Participation”. This was a participatory session and indeed many suggestions came up from different women. The debate was well handled, and the suggestions discussed were mature and most appreciated.

In conclusion, the women were given a laudable challenge to remain faithful and unspotted against the incessant onslaught of gender equality. They were challenged against assuming roles of men, a vice that was poisoning the church of Jesus Christ today. They were instead encouraged to return to their various churches and be the “Phoebes, Dorcases and Priscillas” of our time. They were urged to go and make a difference in their various areas of giftedness for the benefit of their local churches and to the glory of God.

The next rally will be hosted by Chingola Central Baptist Church on the 4th of November 2017. The women’s rally is fixed on the first Saturday of November of each year.

Margaret Sakala

                                                    Fairview Reformed Baptist Church


Lusaka Reformed Baptist Women’s Rally

 The 2016 Lusaka Reformed Women’s Rally was held at Lusaka Baptist Church. This rally marked 18 years since the hosting of the inaugural meeting by Fairview Baptist Church on the Copperbelt in 1997. The rally was founded to meet three main objectives namely; to deepen the understanding and practice of the Reformed faith, to enhance and foster fellowship among the women from Reformed Baptist churches, and to reach the unconverted. Over time, the rally has incorporated non-Reformed evangelical churches and remained largely “local” with meetings organised and run by churches in Lusaka.

The 2011 rally hosted by Kafue Reformed Baptist Church marked the inception of the Midlands Women’s Rally. The objectives remain the same as those articulated in 1997.

However, it is the intention of the Midlands Women’s Rally to limit membership to Reformed Baptist churches while participation in the annual meetings is open to all. Over the six years, the Midlands Women’s Rally has become a national event attracting participation from churches beyond Lusaka. Host churches for the annual meetings include Evangel Baptist Church in 2012, Kabwata Baptist Church in 2013, Bethel Baptist Church (Kabwe) in 2014 and Trinity Baptist Church (Livingstone) in 2015.

2016 Midlands Women’s Rally

By God’s grace, Lusaka Baptist Church was privileged to organise and host the 2016 Rally on 21st May under the theme “Women Mentors”. The hosting church chose the theme, and it was in response to the need to walk alongside and support each other as women. Mrs Sarah Kalifungwa, Mrs Esther Daka and Mrs Lisa Turnbull were the three main speakers. Based on Titus 2:3–5, the meeting focused on how women can effectively function as mentors.

The ladies were admonished to examine the different relationships in which this can be exercised. The day was divided into three main sessions. The first discussed the mentor, their qualities and qualification. The second discussed the mentored and their disposition. The last was a summary of the two discussions.

Lessons learnt

 There were a number of take-home lessons. Mentoring must be conducted with the glory of God in mind, “so the word of God is not maligned.” Women have many opportunities in which they can be mentors and it is expected of older women to teach the younger women. However, to be effective they must have both the qualities (godliness) and qualifications (knowledgeable in the Scriptures and in the doctrines of grace). The mentored must also have the correct attitude (humility and a teachable spirit) in order for the relationship to be beneficial. It is crucial that mentoring is based on sound biblical content, which must be properly structured with clear aims at each stage. The mentoring relationship is a two-way street, and the mentor must be willing to listen and learn from the one they are mentoring.


 To see so many women from different churches and varied walks of life assembled in the name of our great and glorious God was a highlight. The attentiveness to the teaching that was exhibited was amazing.


The total number of participants was 386, coming from 17 churches in 7 towns. Lusaka contributed the majority of participants with about 85% of all in attendance. Lusaka Baptist church had the most attendees at 174 translating to 45% of the total.

Next meeting

The next meeting will be organized and hosted by Evangel Baptist Church on 20th May 2017. Please women make plans to be part of this meeting.