The Holy Spirit’s work manifests in varied measures. At each and every point it is according to his eternal plan. As human recipients of his work we bless his Name whether in small or large measures. However, we are unable to hide our excitement when we are overwhelmed by his blessings. Likewise, it would be an understatement to say that we, as Kabwata Baptist Church (KBC), were simply excited when almost simultaneously three missionaries were identified 33 for the work in the mission field. We were overjoyed! This was a first in the 23 year history of KBC’s missions work. What is patently evident in this event is the interplay of the ministries of KBC. The pastoral internship program has time and again fed the missions program with missionaries. Some of the pastoral interns in the internship program end up being sent into the mission field as KBC missionaries. All three missionaries who were ordained on this occasion were initially KBC interns. Two of them came from outside KBC.

The three missionaries being set apart by the elders

On 17th March 2019, Mwindula Mbewe, Thompson Musukwa and Joe Shoko were ordained to be missionary pastors for Hillview (Lusaka), Monze and Harare (Zimbabwe), respectively. The event was witnessed by a capacity gathering. Preaching on the day was handled by Pastor Conrad Mbewe. To add icing on the cake, HeartCry Missionary Society, the major supporters of ous missions work, had its documenting team present by sheer providence and they took some photos and videos. As one of the ordained missionaries stated, “The easy part of hugs and laying of hands was now over and the hard work of church The three missionaries being set apart by the elders 34 planting was now ahead.” Here is some information about the three missionaries that were ordained:

Thomson Musukwa comes from Kafue, a town about 50 kilometres (30 miles) south of Lusaka. His link to KBC came through the late Pastor Kennedy Sunkutu of Kafue Reformed Baptist Church. Pastor Sunkutu had met and befriended Thompson whilst ministering around Kafue town. Thompson, who then was a Presbyterian adherent, began to embrace the doctrines of grace through his interactions with Pastor Sunkutu. He then inquired from him about possibilities of doing an internship program with KBC. Pastor Sunkutu linked him to the elders at KBC and shortly after Thomson found himself doing a one year pastoral internship program at KBC. Towards the end of his internship program Thomson indicated to the elders that he felt the call to missions work. Thomson had been doing some ministry work in the Presbyterian church before. The elders had interviews with him and sent him to go and do some preaching sessions at Ebenezer Baptist Church so that he could familiarise himself with Monze. The elders were satisfied that Thomson did have a call to ministry. Thomson is married to Anastasia and they have a lovely baby girl called Rejoice. The whole family relocated from Kafue to Monze on 1st April 2019.

Mwindula Mbewe has been married to Namundi, a laywer, since 2017 and they have a daughter named Ntasuwila born in 2018. Mwindula has followed his father’s footsteps. He is Pastor Conrad Mbewe’s first born son. He completed his studies in Software Engineering in 2012 and worked for about 5 years. When he quit to pursue full time ministry he was working as the Data Manager for a country wide project with the Society for Family Health in Zambia. He says that he really enjoyed the challenge and opportunities his work involved but felt, as early as 2009 when he was still studying, that he would not be fulfilled until he was working in pastoral ministry full time. He talked to KBC elders about it in 2017 and enrolled for the yearlong pastoral internship in 2018 after which they supported him in his desire to begin a new church earlier this year.

Mwindula strongly feels that Lusaka, the fastest growing city and the hub of the country having both the brightest and best, must urgently be reached with the gospel. Too many of its inhabitants do not know the gospel and are getting harder and harder to reach due to growing secularism. They must be reached for their own good and for the furtherance of the gospel considering the 35 army of believers that could potentially rise up in such a city to impact the entire continent. It is therefore his desire to focus on urban church planting and training of men to strengthen what is already a very good foundation for the truth in the nation and the continent.

Joe Shoko was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, but his parents settled in Bulawayo. His mother passed away when he was in Grade 7 in 2002 and so the surviving family members are his father (who has been hit by a stroke and consequently half lame), and 4 other siblings—3 girls and 1 boy—all of whom are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Joe is engaged to a young lady Tinotenda Matembo. She is an engineer. The two plan to get married this year between now and December. They have yet to finalise the date. Joe is pursuing a degree in Theology. He had to temporarily suspend his studies for a year to accommodate the KBC internship program. He intends to commence the studies 2 years after planting this church, the Lord willing. Until his joining KBC membership he was a member of Nkulumane Baptist Church (in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe). He turns 30 in August this year. These three missionary pastors bring the number of current KBC missionaries to 17. The church is grateful to God for this addition to Christ’s army. What a joy when God makes our cup run over!

Misheck Kumwenda

Missions Cordinator, Kabwata Baptist Church