Saturday 23rd March 2019 was the day of annual gathering for the members and potential members of the Zambian Baptist Historical Society. It is the highlight for the year because this is the day for the members to come together anticipating a historical presentation that makes this gathering worth the time.

Attendance at the Zambian Baptist Historical Society 2019 AGM

Coming into 2019, the ZBHS steering committee re-printed the autobiography Paul the Leper—Apostle to the Lambas by Olive Doke. This is an amazing book carrying the life story of the first indigenous Baptist pastor/leader in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia). First published in 1955 by the South African Baptist Press and recently in 2005 by the South African Historical Society, now in 2018 the ZBHS took the opportunity to bring this piece of history to the attention of Zambian Baptists. (The ZBHS would be delighted to hear from those of you that have taken time to read this book as to what impressions and insights you have gained. Kindly go to our facebook page or you can write us through the Research Secretary. This book is still available and you can purchase a copy for yourself).

Rev Ezron Musonda brought the AGM devotional reading from Esther 2:23 and 6:1-5, giving a wonderful and clear description of why it is important to keep historical records and how such records vindicate the truth for those people who stand for the truth. Three lessons were derived:

  • The story taught about the importance of keeping historical records.
  • Keeping historical records will always help to resolve issues related to life and death and correct the injustices of the past (7:2).
  • Records help us to recognise good practices that will encourage the people in the performance of their deeds.

Rev Musonda went on to say that omitting the duty of keeping historical records might lead to suffering, injustice, dishonour, confusion and directionless. Thus, the lesson for ZBHS is to encourage the study and keeping of good church and denominational records. Currently, we do not have adequate Zambian Baptist historical records to help those to come in the future.

Pastor Conrad Mbewe brought the main presentation. This was a very special and at the same time sobering presentation. The biographical story of late Pastor Sunkuntu was ably prepared by his own daughter Kapambwe Sunkutu and left us all in awe of God’s dealing with his people especially servants like brother Sunkutu. Indeed he followed the calling and leading of his Master and King serving up to the time he was called home. Indeed this life story brought to the fore the need to keep records and write biographies of those who have served and currently faithfully serving. As a result, Kapambwe received the ZBHS award for having submitted her dad’s biographical story. 40 This year the following were honoured for their service:

  • Mr Samuel Meier – Zambia Baptist Association
  • Late Pastor Sunkutu – Reformed Baptist Churches Association of Zambia. This award was received by the widow, Mrs Sunkutu.
  • Mrs Rose Jabani – Baptist Convention of Zambia

If this can be of encouragement to any one of you who missed this year’s AGM, each participant was a recipient of Paul the Leper—Apostle to the Lambas from the ZBHS and Foundation for the Flock courtesy of the Evergreen Publishers of the Kabwata Baptist Church. Take time to visit the ZBHS website, and you can also check out our Facebook page.

Misheck Zulu

Chairman, ZBHS