The 9th of October 2016 was no ordinary day for Evangel Baptist Church (EBC).

This day has gone down in the history of the Church as the day when EBC received her second Pastor, Saidi Francis Chishimba. From the time that the first Pastor, Grave Singogo, left to answer God’s call to pastor Ndola Baptist Church in February of 2012; the Church led by the elders, had been in earnest prayer seeking God’s guidance for Pastor Singogo’s replacement. And the event on this day was a testimony of God’s answer to prayer.

The installation service was presided over by our elder, Wilson Tembo. In his introductory remarks, he presented Pastor Chishimba as the person who had been elected to the office of pastor. He noted that Pastor Chishimba was chosen after much prayer and by the vote of the congregation.

Several activities were lined up in the program. Special music for the event was provided by the church choir, the children’s ministry, the ladies’ ministry and the children from our Kalingalinga Outreach Program. Pastor Collins Sakalunda brought the charge to Pastor Chishimba, and Mr. Wilson Tembo brought the charge to the Church. Pastor Sakalunda then led the other elders in the laying on of hands and prayer of ordination.

This was then followed by Pastor Chishimba’s sharing of his brief testimony and vote of thanks. In his speech, he spoke about his salvation and pastoral calling, his family, his doctrinal beliefs, and his vision for Evangel Baptist Church. And concerning his vision for Evangel Baptist Church, Pastor Chishimba shared that his goal for EBC was simply to do what the Bible says that a local church ought to be and must be doing. “It is my desire that Evangel Baptist Church be a place where Christ is glorified and lives are radically changed by the power of the gospel,” he said.

The ceremony ended with a great sermon from the guest speaker, Pastor Ronald Kalifungwa. In his sermon entitled “Shepherd the Church of God” derived from Acts 20:28, Pastor Kalifungwa brought out three points; the Shepherds, the shepherded, and the shepherding.

Concerning the shepherds, he stated that they are those whom the Holy Spirit calls to be overseers. The Holy Spirit calls them internally. He equips them with character and gifts to do the work of shepherding, and he prompts the church to discern this character. Concerning the shepherded, he asserted that they are the Church of God. The Church of God is a reference to those who are called out of the world into God’s marvellous light. The church is of God.

He pointed out that shepherding is engaging in an action of leading the flock of God and involves being a watchman, a guard, a guide, a physician, a saviour, and one who feeds. After this ministry of God’s word, the ceremony ended. It was a glorious moment

Collins Sakalunda

Evangel Baptist Church


The church gathered on 23rd October 2016 to celebrate its 8th anniversary of Crossway Baptist Church (Formerly Bonaventure Baptist Church). It was strange that the Church should celebrate its eight years of existence. But in this case, there were some reasons that prompted the celebrations.

To begin with, on this same date the church inaugurated its first Pastor, Oswald Sichula. Prior to the ordination, the church gathered on Saturday, 22nd October 2016, to watch a documentary. This documentary highlighted some of the major activities the church had been through since its inception. This was followed by the preaching of God’s word by Pastor Kasango Kayombo. This occasion also marked the end of the weaning process from the mother church, Kabwata Baptist Church (KBC). In 2015, the then attached KBC elder in charge of this mission station, Elder Charles Bota, came to announce the weaning process. The news was received with mixed feelings.

The church began to pray as well as prepare for the upcoming weaning. As the time was approaching, the Lord adequately prepared the church to face the challenge. The Lord raised up Peter Phiri, Ivor Chilufya and Alfred Sinyangwe as its first elders. This development replaced fear with courage and excitement in the general membership about the whole event of being weaned-off. We were excited for what the Lord done.

The first assignment of the newly ordained elders was to call a church pastor of this now independent congregation. The Church could not look elsewhere, but extended a call to its missionary pastor, Osward Sichula, to take up the pastorate at Crossway as its first pastor. It was a joyous occasion.

The KBC choir graced the occasion with their heart lifting songs, urging the church never to relent but match-on with its mandate of soul winning. Elder and Mrs. Bota sang a song of dedication for Pastor Sichula while Pastor Isaac Makashini preached at the occasion.

The ordination of pastor Sichula did not take place at the church’s usual place of worship, Makeni Ecumenical Centre, but at the church’s plot about four kilometres away. At the end of the ordination service, most members of Crossway felt that we should not go back to Makeni Ecumenical Centre but rather stay permanently at our church plot. Sadly, logistical challenges could not allow such a quick move. Please, join us in prayers that we might find resources to put up a conducive structure for worship at our church plot. We have plans to commence building as soon as possible.

You can therefore understand the reasons for celebrations. The church witnessed the goodness of the Lord in sustaining this work, growth and raising leaders. We are now looking to the Lord for more blessings.

Alfred Sinyangwe

Crossway Baptist Church


Kabanana Faih Baptist church couples’ ministry is a ministry that aims at reaching out to the couples of Kabanana site and service, and the surrounding areas with the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ.

This year, the ministry planned two activities to answer some of the challenges the marriage institution has been faced with in the recent past. It was alarming to hear of the divorce rates that were given in the year 2016. We were told in the local news that a total of 8000 divorces occurred in 8 months in 2016 alone in Zambia.

This news was rather shocking and disturbing.  The question one can ask is, what has happened to the institution that was once upon a time respected? Questions like this one seem to have no answers in our communities. It was this that necessitated holding a couples’ seminar at Kabanana Faith Baptist church. The seminar was held on the 8th October 2016, and the theme was “Total Communication in Marriage. Our couples’ ministry realised that with this alarming news from the statistics, our church needed to do something to address the issues that have been leading to divorces.

To do justice to the theme, our couples’ ministry leader Elder Moses Mwansa called upon Brother Ngosa Chisupa from Ibex Hill Baptist Church. Mr. Chisupa is a marriage counsellor and administrator of Marriage Enrichment Fellowship (MEF). Our brother was mightily used of the Lord. He helped those in attendance to realise the importance of communication in marriage.

He pointed out that a lack of communication in marriages was one of the reasons that led many marriages to breaking up. Mr. Chisupa noted that for marriages to be successful, couples must be transparent with each other. “If you do not spend time together as a couple, you will not do well in communication,” he added. He allowed for group discussions, which added to our learning. We closed the meeting with an exclamation, to God be the glory!

Chirwa Curtis

Kabanana Faith Baptist Church