Victor Kanyense

Why discuss assurance of salvation? Is this not just the promotion of unhealthy and unnecessary introspection on life? Will I not just become gloomy at the end of the reading? Well, I do not think so! I think that if there is an area in a Christian’s life and experience that causes a lot of anguish, it is the area of assurance of salvation. However, we need to understand that the most agonising problem about the assurance of salvation is not the problem of whether the objective facts of Christianity are true. That is, facts like God exists, the Bible is God’s word, Christ is both God and man, Christ was born of a virgin, Christ died for sinners, Christ rose from the dead, Christ saves forever all who believe in Him, et cetera. Such Bible truths are the bedrock of our Christian faith. But the really agonising problem of assurance is whether I personally am saved by those objective facts.