Kennedy Sunkutu

Not so long ago, the nation of Zambia was in mourning. This was on account of the Chibombo bus accident in which a 74-seater bus operated by Zambia Postal Services collided with a truck on the Great North Road, between Chibombo and Kabwe, resulting in 51 deaths and 28 injuries. The crash was one of the worst in the history of Zambia, compared only to the 2005 bus accident in which 38 high school pupils died and 50 were seriously injured. Such is the nature of death, it can strike anytime, in any form, and sometimes when you least expect it. We would probably be not far from the truth if we said that for most of those who lost their lives in that fatal accident, death was the last thing they were thinking about. People of almost all ages died in that accident.