Conrad Mbewe

Africa sits on a ticking time bomb, which can explode any moment. It is the economic burden of handling the growing number of needy widows and orphans on the continent. The causes are too numerous to delve into in this editorial. The authors of the various articles in this issue of Reformation Zambia have handled that well. Suffice it to say that death devastates families, especially when the “man of the home” who was the chief breadwinner passes on. The loss is more than the pain of losing a loved one. It is the snuffing out of the light of hope for the future. Economic woes begin. Our interest in this issue of the magazine is to point out our biblical responsibility to this growing challenge. Is it only the business of governments and not the concern of the church? What does the Bible say about widows and orphans, and what is our responsibility towards them, if any?