Kabwe Kabwe

Three years ago, during one of our elder’s meetings, I shared my intention of retiring from my pastoral office into some other leadership role within the church. In the same meeting, my fellow elder also shared that he had
been thinking of changing his career life which would mean changing towns. Immediately, it dawned on me that we were both planning to move on but we had no one to pass the leadership baton to. At that time, we had served together close to 18 years—just the two of us as elders. The question we asked and wrestled with was, “Where have we been all these years?
Why have we failed to identify, develop and mentor younger men to whom we should pass the leadership baton to?” It was from that moment I put in motion focused prayer and an intentional plan to work on my transition route, which is currently under way. My fellow elder has since moved to another town. There comes a time in the life of leaders when they seriously start to think and plan for retirement or move into some different leadership roles.