Conrad Mbewe

“Ama Puritans!” is a very common phrase in Zambia. This is especially the case among young people who are new to the Reformed Faith. This often simply refers to individuals who are not dating girls or who are not crazy about football. On a more positive note, this phrase is often used to refer to Christians who are very serious about their faith and will often be found reading doctrinal books and frequently attending church prayer meetings. These are seen as today’s Puritans.Who were the original Puritans? Why did they get branded as such? Should we even bother to know who they were? What material difference does it make to our spiritual lives? These are the kind of questions that have motivated us to set apart one issue of Reformation Zambia to this subject. Take a few minutes to read through this magazine so that when you hear other people being called “Puritans” you will know what that is all about. But much more, may your knowledge of that generation of Christians propel you towards emulating them in their life and practice, even as they imitated Christ.